How to Hire the Best Bookkeeper for Your Business

A financially healthy business doesn’t happen by chance or desire, unless you went to school to become a bookkeeper, we doubt you want to be spending your days figuring out how to get your business to a financially healthy place. When we refer to a financially healthy...

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How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

How Do I Pay Myself? Starting a business is a scary venture for anyone. There are risks and so many questions that arise. The most common question that comes from potential clients and in many social media groups, is “How do I pay myself, now that I am in business?”. ...

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Bookkeeper vs. Accountant

Bookkeeper vs. Accountant: What's the difference? We often get asked what the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant is. As a small business owner, you need your financial data to be current and accurate so you can make good business decisions. Also, to...

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Bookkeeping Best Practices for eCommerce Businesses

Why is bookkeeping for an eCommerce business important? Just like with any other type, your finances are the foundation of a healthy business. If you do not have accurate inventory numbers or do not know what your sales are, you cannot make impactful business...

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When do you need to charge GST?

With a huge surge in new businesses, both home-based and otherwise, we have noticed a ton of questions about business being asked to random people on social media. While the online community can be very helpful in many situations, asking questions about when to charge...

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